Pavitra Rishta 19th October 2012 Written Update Pavitra Rishta 19th October 2012 Written Update Pavitra Rishta 19th October 2012 Written Update Pavitra Rishta 19th October 2012 Written Update

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(police station)
varsha requesting police to she want to call in hospital & knwing about soham. Sameer informs soham nw gets in conscious. Varsha gets relieve to knw about soham. Balan asking sameer whts is going here? At the same time, police form hospital call and give news that Vishnu ran from there. Varsha thinks where he can go. Balan says to police that it was u r responsibility to take care of him and if anything happens to him then I won't leave any of you. Inspector get mad at Balan and Vishnu comes there now. He take one breath. Soham go near varsha & worrying to see her in jail. Varsha asks to him why did you run from hospital..Soham asks why are to took my mom in lock up? Police tells, soham varsha & balan both are nt ur real parents. Soham gets furious & says to police wht are you saying? Police tells, varsha is nt u r real mother actually she is u r mausi. Before 18 years ago she kidnapped u & run away frm her house with u when u were a small baby. Soham looking at varsha & move towards her & asking her that wht is police saying to me? Varsha is crying & telling him that whatever police is saying to u it is true. Soham shocked.ShockedShocked. Vishnu cannot believe it and loses his control in a shock.
(police station)
varsha tells, whatever police saying to u it is true. Soham shocked. Balan is looks very angry. He says wht are you saying jhumari? Soham goes near balan & asks wht my mother saying? Soham tells varsha u r lying na i knw. Varsha says, i m nt u r mother. Archu tai is u r real mother & manav is u r real father. Soham is totally break. He gets stunned & he lose his balan & slip. Soham recalls some gud moments with him. Balan is very angry. Varsha sees arman & says they are u r real parents. Soham moves back & sees archu-manav. Varsha says, i m so scared about one day u will gets knw about u r real parents. Archu runs to Soham. Varsha says, I hide this truth from you for last 18 years.. because I was afraid of losing you. I didn't want you to know this truth ever. She tells when archana & manav got knw about me they were starts finding me. Varsha tells all truth & Vishnu now remembers how Archu was calling him son before he got shot by Manav and he has tears in his eyes. Archana in her eyes tears & she gets close to soham & saying one day i knw my soham... Soham moves back. Soham then tells Varsha, so what if you didn't give birth to me.. you raised me like a real son.he tells If they really love me then why they didn't try to search for me in last 18 years. Archu says, we tried.. soham says what soham soham.. i m not soham i m vishnu lala. archu says try to understand me. soham gets hyper &he is not her soham. please stop saying soham to me. balan looks happy & gives evil smile. soham says u r my dad na so what did u do with mw? u came with police to arresting me? my dad(balan) did not do like this. soham tells manav that balan is my father. soham tells balan & varsha are my parents.

(morning out side of police station)
outside archana & manav is talking about soham. They are saying nw soham is admitted in hospital & our 2 constables are stick in hospital. Manav asks to police if they take case back against soham he will nt go in lock up but police says still so many cases are going on soham so there are less chances. They says nw court will decide wht happen with soham. Police give manav bailed file about darbanga case & says but u shoot soham without licening of that gun so one case darbanga police are registered.


1: arjun-purvi shown & they says that now they will spend some more time with viewers. arjun says now from 22 oct to 26 oct PR will be 1 hour( 9pm-10pm)
at karanjkar house sulochana says purvi that how will soham believe that archana & manav is his real parents. in purvi hands one CD is there she tells sulo that now soham dada will believe i will go to meet him. 

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