Hitler Didi 19th October 2012 Written Update Hitler Didi 19th October 2012 Written Update Hitler Didi 19th October 2012 Written Update Hitler Didi 19th October 2012 Written Update

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The show begins with the rehersals of the Ramlila functions.Rishi is in Lord Ram dress and Indu asks him where's his Sita.He says there's she's coming.Beautiful zaara dress as Sita arrives.Vanraj gives order for their marriage to begin(An another though fake but marriage this time as Ram and Sita not expected by anyone).
Kutumbh says stops she needs to be presents in the wedding of her daughter Sita as she's Sunaina the mom of Sita.Kutumbh/Sunaina gives the garlands to Rishi/Ram and Zaara/Sita for the wedding.Munna as Ravan arrives and tells Kutumbh he's Ravan who'll break the trishul and marries sita.Vanraj tells him to go out as he's not needed in this scene because before the swayamvar of Ram and Sita Ravan gets for if by anju extremely angry and left.
Munna/Ravan says with his lots and heads it will seem that there's lot of person.
The exchange of garlands are done when Munna tells them to hurry up.Rishi says in Kalyughuman beings has no time for God also.Rishi/Ram tells Zaara/Sita to come to the palace.

In reality everyone are laughing at him and Zara needs to pinch him to brings him in reality.Zara asks him what was he saying about SN is like a palace?? As the bathroom of a palace is four times bigger as the hall of SN.
Zara sees Indu playing with the gada and asks her what is all these going on.Vanraj says it is the practice of Ramlila.Zara says Indu to stop when Indu says she'll put fire everywhere.Zara requests no Ramlila should be organized but everyone else don't agree with her Rishi goes on adding it is a way to show what happened in Ramayan.
Rishi asks Zara why isn't she playing the part of Sita?? Zara begins to leave when Vanraj stops her and says that her moves are wow why does she plays the part of Sita Zara tells him his moves also are better than her's why does he plays the part of Sita with Rishi??
Vanraj is fine with it and begins to approach Rishi who's backing forward and bumps into Sweta who gives him a serious look.
Indu tells Sweta that Rishi said he's Lord ram and the grumpy Aunty is Sita.
Zara receives a threatening calls again written by Anju.

Munna writes the script of the Ramlila and handles it to Vanraj he says he made a lots of change.He'll play the part of Ravan and his love Mundhodri will be played by Savita.a flashback of all Munna and savita scenes is shown while Munna narrates the script to Vanraj.
Vanraj asks whether all these will be shown in Ramlila Munna says Yes!! of course this will not be going to be shown in Vanraj faher wedding and vanraj falls down unconscious.
Zara gets a phone calls from a supposed wellwisher who tells her he knows about the mission Ravan and tells her to come alone at a certain address.After she hang up she looks at her uniform this is really what she's here for what she promised for to save her country.She says now it will be real fun.As she opens the door to leave the room she meets with Khan standing at the door steps who asks where's she going she says to die if he wants to follow her.Khan gives her a sarcastic smiles and Zara leaves.
A terrorist is waiting for Zara he phones someone and says that Zara arrives and he's told to complete his work properly. Rishi meets zara on the road and tells her it seems like she feels good roaming late night on the road.
Zara says she's going hom so Rishi tells to come and sits on the bike.Zara refuses saying Khan does not like it,Rishi says but you like it.
Zara says she does not want to die and Rishi says he's already dead for her.Zara continues her way and rishi says to stop.

Rishi keeps making round of Zara on his bike.In SN Sweta looking at Rishi and her wedding photograph says when will her exile terminate as living under one roof with her hubby she feels it like an exile.
Indu arrives with a bottle of alta and tells Sweta to put it on her as she's playing Hanumanji role in Ramlila.
On the road Zara is getting angry wioth Rishi as he's following her and he says not to misundertand him as the road is the property of the government and the bike belongs to him so he can go anywhere and Zara can't stop him.
Zara Keeps on looking at her watch and searching for the person while the terrorist is targetting her but making his job difficult is Rishi who's coming in front of Zara everytimes.
Rishi gets down his bike and asks Zara why she's tense?? Zara tells him to go and Rishi says to tell him what is the problem and how can he leaves her. zara keeps on telling him to go and Rishi keeps on asking her what is the problem to tell him. Zara says enough is enough written by anju.Zara folds her hands and asks Rishi to leave saying she does not want to risk his life for her duty as his life mean a lots for her.Rishi smiles.So she said leaves as Zara moves the terrorists fires and hits Rishi by mistake. all the altar falls on the picture of Rishi and Sweta says what is all this?? She tries to clean it.
Zara fires back.Zara holds Rishi hand and asks what happens he says he's not here to increase her problems and he also says that he's ready to die for her.Zara keeps on calling Rishi names.

PRECAP:Zara still sitting and holding Rishi who's smiling despite being shooted.And zara protects him while a second bullet was coming towards him.

Cradit: KajAnj

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