Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th October 2012 Written Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th October 2012 Written Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th October 2012 Written Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 16th October 2012 Written Update

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Shivji praises & encourages Kartikeya as he was able to live upto entire World's expectations.

Vishnuji & Brhmaji are discussing over the past events, says Kartikeya has defeated Tarakasur. Brhmaji says after giving boon to Tarakasur he was worried, this boon will go against welfare of the world but Kartikeya through his bravery got him out of this dilema. Vishnuji says he has to take births to solve problems of the World, but Shivji being in his present form only solves all the problems. Lakshmiji says that's why he is called Mahadev.

Parvati asks Kartikeya are you injured? Shivji says he is Aadi Shakti's son is brave. He tells Nandi your Shishya is a winner today. Indra boasts himself saying all these is result of his greatness , he has managed to defeate Asuras because he made Kartikeya their Senapati that's why Kartikeya was able to defeate Tarakasur. Everyone is surprised hearing this.

Vishnuji tells Brhmaji, Kartikeya has won but Indra still to win the battle of his false pride & ego.

Vajrang doesn't believe Tarakasur is dead, asks how did Brhmaji's varadan failed to give result? Shukracharya confirms Tarakasur's death, says Brhmaji's boon hasn't failed, Tarakasur's words were wrong while asking. It is shown that Tarakasur asked kartikeya before dying, why did Brhmaji's boon failed? Kartikeya says the boon hasn't failed, you had asked no one alone or together can break your Vyuha, but I am not alone, am actually 6 in 1 body, so this boon has no effect on me. Kartikeya shows his form having 6 heads, 12 hands holding weapons in them. Shivji looks at his son proudly.

Shivji says Tarakasur was his devotee but any devotee misuses his boon that's not accepted by him. It is very important to control & use our power properly in the correct direction. We should learn from our mistakes. Kartikeya asks what's lesson to be learnt from these events? Bad can be strong, powerful but good always wins over bad.

Vajrang is angry, he says those responsible for my son's death will pay for it. He'll not spare Shiv-putra Kartikeya.

At Kailash, Parvati is very happy, says she can give boon to anyone at this moment without thinking. Shivji says then he'll have to be careful, even he had granted a boon without thinking. Parvati says whatever you do is always for a purpose. Tarakasur's boon was responsible for their union. Shivji says being a father he was pained, so you being a mother must have undergone so much. Our son's birth, then giving him to Kritikas, him refusing to accept you as his mother & when he accepted the fact he had to be trained to be a warrior. He wants to make up for everything as a husband for the time given for Kartikeya's training, since he had egnored their married life compeletely. Parvati says he is an idol father & husband, he has always cared for her problems, have tried to solve them. They complement each other in every manner, that's the height of their marriage.

At Kailash everyone is present to honour kartikeya. Lakshmiji pust a tilak on his forhead. Kartikeya addresses all his mothers, Devas, Nandi, Ganas & everyone present there, says everyone who had trusted, given their Shakti's to him, had faith in him, this victory is dedicated to them, you all. Shivji says Kartikeya is right, any war is won by support of everyone. Vishnuji says Kartikeya is blessed by his parents that's one of the major reason for this victory.

Brihaspati says a very stressful episode is over, this calls for celebrations. Tomorrow Swarga can be officially given back to Indra. 

Indra boasts himself, says he has shown his bravery, this high talent of fighting in this war. He has proved no Asura is powerful then him. He was leading an insecure life but now he'll get his Swarga back. Brihaspati & other Devas are looking at him surprised.

: Naradji says Kartikeya can be made a king of Swarg. Kartikeya seems happy with this idea. Shivji denies saying Kartikeya was born to protect & free them from Tarakasur, not to be a king. Indra will be Devraj & rule over Swarga. Kartikeya is displeased.

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