Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2012 Written Update  Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2012 Written Update  Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2012 Written Update  Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.
Episode starts with Roli locking khusi in her room...PRESIM sit in pooja...Roli is happyBig smile...PRESIM completes pooja

Khusi gets a call from veeru...khusi asks why is cell engaged?Angry...veeru tells just talking...Khusi tells veeru that "She is locked in her room...come and unlock"...Veeru comes and unlocks...(he enters as if he is entering dragon invideo gamesWink)

Khusi comes down hurriedly..and shocked to see pooja is over..Everyone taking Prasad...Roli is shocked to see khusi...Khusi comes near Roli and tells "I know very well
that you locked me..Now see what TAMASHA(fun)i will make"...

Karuna comes near khusi and sujata ma also comes and gives prasad to khusi...Khusi takes prasad and pretends as about to vomit while eating...2 idiots come near khusi worriedly...khusi tells "From morning i am feling the same"...all guests who came
congratulates Mataji that " Two daughter-in-laws are going to be pregnant"..Bharadwaj family are sad

Mataji tells "Nothing like that...Only one daughter-in-law is pregnant and that is khusi"..all guests are shocked...One of the guest asks "but told simar is pregnant"..Mataji
tells "After simar's accident and explains everything and tells doctor suggested for surrogacy..So that khusi is carrying Simar's child is simar's only"..Simar is hurted

Mataji tells Simar's child need your blessings...One guest tells " we can't give blessing to these kind of things "...other guest comes and tells " I came here to bless simar's child...So I will bless the child"...Mataji and all are happy...All guests give blessing to simar's child and leaves

khusi says "sorry mataji ,from morning my health is not good"..Mataji tells "Ok leave it ,everything happens for a good reason...MATA RANI wishes that simar's child should get blessing,so this all happened"..everyone goes to their room...

Roli and simar comes to Simar's room..."I know khusi will do something...But i locked her in her room,how did she come out".Simar shockingly says"You locked why?"...Khusi comes
and interrupts says "That see my intelligence"and turns towards simar and says"What seems you have no care for your child...if anything happens to your child you don't bother"...Episode ends on Simar's face

((Simar Simar first see tattoo on veeru's hand and tell he is responsible for your miscarriage and kick him out if your house..Roli will take care of khusi then))

PRECAP:-Khusi in her room,simar comes and tells you should not stay with empty stomach..there will be anything you wish to eat"..khusi tells something(sorry guys i couldn't hear) and tells so with me your child will also stay hunger...