Punar Vivaah 18th September 2012 Written Update  Punar Vivaah 18th September 2012 Written Update  Punar Vivaah 18th September 2012 Written Update  Punar Vivaah 18th September 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.

Episode starts with Aarti and Yash remembering about that night. Yash is feeling guilty for betraying Arpita. Aarti is thinking how Yash said there is only solution to their relationship which is the end of it.
Prateik comes to Yash’s room but he cannot find him there. He asks servant and servant says, he left house since morning.
Aarti is lost in some thoughts. Shobha ji goes to her and asks, when are you going to talk with Yash? For how long you will suffer? You know you have to properly take care of yourself during pregnancy. Aarti says, I will talk with him today. And at the same time, she receives a call from Prateik. Prateik tells her to come to boxing stadium. He says, I can’t tell you much right now but only you can stop him from what he’s going to do. Aarti is leaving to go there. Seeing Aarti so worried, Shobha ji says, you really love Yash a lot from inside. I never saw such true love in you for Prashant. I am very happy and confident that you will pass this test of your love. Aarti leaves from there.
At boxing place, an official is telling Prateik and Aarti that we warned Yash but he didn’t listen to us. He filled the form and it is very dangerous competition. His life can go in this competition. Prateik says, yes he got hurt before. Official says, and if he gets hurt on the same place again then anything can happen and this competitor is very dangerous as well.. he’s a title champion. No one is able to beat him in last 3 years.. once he gets in the ring.. he destroys his opponent. Aarti tells him, please do anything but remove Yash from this competition. Official says, sorry we can’t do anything.. this is an open competition and anyone above 18 can participate. Only Yash, himself, can withdraw now. Aarti says, but you know how risky this competition is for him and still? Official says, we tried a lot but he didn’t listen to us. Now you can try to talk with him.. but whatever you want to do, do it quickly. Competition is tonight.
Pankaj gives this news to Vidhi and says, they will have to talk with Yash’s father now. Vidhi asks him not to tell him as Yash’s mother’s operation is tomorrow and she won’t do the operation if she finds out about this. She says, and you know how important operation is this. Now we will have to do something. Panjak says, but he doesn’t listen to us. Vidhi says, we will have to do something. Pankaj says, okay.
Yash is talking on the phone with someone and he says, I know Kareena Kapoor is coming for the inauguration and that’s why I have done all the arrangements. But if there are any problems then please feel free to call me. Pankaj and Vidhi come there.
Yash tells them, please let me do what I have decided to do. Pankaj says, look you will have to listen to me today. Vidhi says, and you promised to Arpita as well that you will never fight. Pankaj then says, why do you think what you two did is wrong? Aarti is your.. Yash interrupts and says, I am sorry brother.. I always listened to you but this time I don’t have any other option. Aarti ji is not my wife.. I can never allow her to be my wife.. she is just mother of my kids. And nothing else. Aarti comes there now with Prateik. Pankaj leaves.
Aarti says, I know you don’t want to give me your wife’s place and you never gave before. But I take you as my husband. Yash says, I told you so many times not to come in front of me.. I don’t want to see your face.. leave from here. Vidhi tells Aarti, now only you can stop Yash.. I have seen confidence in your eyes. Vidhi and Prateik leave from there. Yash is also trying to leave from there but Aarti closes the door and says, YOU WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE. UNTIL NOW YOU WERE SAYING AND I WAS LISTENING BUT TODAY I WILL SAY AND YOU WILL LISTEN, yash ji. Because a marriage gives same rights to both husband and wife. And you can’t take away these rights from me.
Yash says, let me go. Aarti says, I told you na that you won’t go anywhere.
Break 1..
Yash now goes back to his room and is running away from Aarti. Aarti follows him and stops him. She asks him, where you running? What guilt do you have? For what you’re blaming yourself? I don’t think we did anything wrong. Yash is leaving from there. Aarti says, I AM NOT DONE. Yash says, I said let me go. Aarti is holding his hand and says, I won’t let you go. Until I am not done talking, I won’t let you go anywhere today. Yash says, I am telling you one more time else I will get angry.
Yash picks up something of glass in his hand. Aarti says, even I can be angry.. I also got angry that day when you said, I had planned everything that happened between us. But it was nothing like that. Aarti takes that glass piece from his hand and throws it… and says.. it was nothing like that. She continues, what did you say? whatever happened between us was sin? For me it was pure love. And that day whatever I said you on the beach wasn’t lie or joke.. I will repeat that today again.. I LOVE YOU YASH JI. Yash gets angry and throws stuff around.
Aarti says, seems like you didn’t heard what I said. I said that I love you.. I love you a lot. Yash gets even more angry now. Aarti doesn’t give up and keeps saying, I love you a lot. She says, I never tried to win you forcefully or using any tricks. I really love you a lot. Yash is going crazy and destroying everything in his room.
Break 2..
Aarti says, I just wanted to see you smiling and happy. My God knows, I never wanted anything else beside that. My intentions were never to love you or win you. I never tried to take Arpita’s place. I was happy because you came to Mumbai and did everything on my saying. You were happy with kids and I was happy in looking you happy. Love is not just about making someone yours. Seeing someone happy and being happy is also love which I have towards you. What did you say? Love only happens once in a lifetime? I also used to believe in that but what can I do? I wasn’t aware when I fell in love with you.
She joins her hands and requests him, please don’t punish yourself by saying sin to love. Yash says, I have done a mistake… I have hurt Arpita. Aarti says, if it’s like that then there is always a way to correct your mistakes.. go and apologize to Arpita. But have you ever thought by punishing like this to yourself, you’re hurting your family? They love you so much but you? You’re hurting yourself and with that you’re hurting your family, kids, and me.
Have you ever thought if anything happens to you then what will happen to your family? From what your kids will have to suffer? Do you want your kids to live without their father? That’s why.. please don’t do all this. Yash says, yes I will have to apologize to Arpita. I can’t bother anyone else now. I had promised Arpita that I will never go to boxing ring but now I will have to go and fight till my last breath. I have to fight till Arpita forgives me. If Arpita forgives me, then I will come out of ring fine. Else I will go to Arpita.
Episode ends finally.
Precap: Yash is trying to walk on the pieces of glasses which are on the floor there. Before he puts his legs on the ground, Aarti puts her hand below his legs. Aarti asks him, what kind of way is this to correct your mistake? By risking your life? Please don’t go. Yash says, I have decided and no one can change my decision.