Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2012 Written Update  Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2012 Written Update  Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2012 Written Update  Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.
Manav and Archana do pooja in the mandir and make wishes .They joke with each other about wanting to know what they had asked for .First Manav asks Archu but she doesn't tell him and then it is Manav's turn to be secretive about his wish .They are both going down the mandir stairs when Manav 's phone rings and he tells Archana to go ahead while he takes the call. Meanwhile Vishnu comes running towards the mandir , He is running away from the police .he bumps into Archana who firmly hold on to him as she suspects that Vishnu is following her and her husband . She starts yelling at him ,Vishnu tells Archana to stay quiet but she does not listen .
The police comes near and Vishnu tries to run and by mistake pushes Archana who gets hurt . Manav comes running and chases Vishnu .He gets hold of him and gives him a hard slap blaming him for attacking his wife .Vishnu is trying hard to run but Manav does not let him and the police arrests Vishnu .
Manav and Archana stand there and watch as the police beats up Vishnu with their sticks ...Archana looks a little shaken up when she sees this but Manav tells her that Vishnu is now in serious trouble and will get punished as he was out on bail .

The police takes Vishnu to the police station .Inspector Sameer accuses Vishnu of stealing .Vishnu says that he did nothing of the sort but no one believes him .Inspector Sameer wants the girl ( who got mugged ) to be brought in to give her statement .
The girl is Purvi who walks in the police station .The minute Vishnu sees Purvi he cannot believe his bad luck as he is sure that Purvi will blame him and put him in trouble .But Purvi points her finger at Chhenu and tells Sameer that it was Cheenu who mugged her when she was coming out of the jewllery shop . Cheenu is looking very angry with Purvi but Soham looks happy now .Sameer gives Purvi her money back and tells her to sign some papers .

Purvi goes out of the police station , Vishnu comes running after her .He wants to know why she saved him from the police .She tells him that she did not save him but was only telling the police what actually happened .Purvi is extremely uncomfortable talking to Vishnu and wants to leave quickly but Vishnu wants to talk to her .He thanks her and tells her that he owes her and will pay her back one day for what she did for him . He also says that now because of the court case they will be seeing each other again .. He then says , by mistake , that ' your Arjun is the one who got me in trouble today ' .Hearing this Purvi looks sad and immediately Vishnu realizes that he said something wrong .
He apologises to Purvi and tells her that he got to know that Arjun did not marry her . Vishnu tells Purvi that he cannot believe why Arjun did not marry her because he saved her from the kidnappers, even took two bullets for Purvi and then went on to marry someone else ..Vishnu looks confused but Purvi does not answer him .He walks away and Purvi is standing there thinking about Arjun and feeling very sad ...

Manav and Archana come home .Archu is still ooking a bit down .Manav tells her to stop thinking about that boy and let the police do their job . At home , Sachin, Damodar and Ovi are decorating the house .Damodar wants to decorate with lights but Sachin wants the decorations to be simple .Savita comes out of her room .She feels angry to see Damodar in such a good mood when no one is talking to her. When manav is going in his room , Savita approaches him and asks him if he is coming back from the mandir . Manav looks at her , does not answer and goes in his room .Archana gives Prasad to everyone .She looks at Savita who is watching them from the kitchen window.Archu takes the Prasad in the kitchen and tells Ovi that she is keeping this here and if anyone wants it , they can have it ...When Archana leaves the kitchen , Savita looks here and there and with no one watching , she quickly eats the Prasad .She tells Bappa that she would never touch anything from Archana but this is different as this is a holy offering .

Archana and Damodar go and see that Savita did eat the prasad .Damodar praises Archaan that she has a big heart and even today she is not angry at Savita .Archana tells him that she can never forgive Savita for what she did but at the same time she also cannot ignore Savita like everyone else . She says that savita did what she did because she feels that her family needed to be saved from Archana .Damodar says that the family needs saving from Savita's way of thinking .Archu says that these days Savita looks very unhappy as Manav has not talked to her for so long .
Damodar tells Archaan that he is sure that Archana will again change savita 's way of thinking .Archu wants Damodar to stop drinking .Damo promises her that as of now for one year he will not touch alcohol .

Aniket and Purvi are decorating the karanjkar house and are looking for lights .Sulochna is also helping them .Suddenly Sulochna finds a box in which there is a picture of Varsha .Sulochna hides this picture in a cloth . Purvi wants to know what it is but Sulochna says that it is just some old stuff ..When Purvi leaves the room , Sulochna thinks about the happy times with Varsha , and she starts crying holding Varsha's picture to her heart .

Manav is in the karanjkar house talking to Purvi .Sulochna is also sitting there .
Manav to Purvi : Just like Ovi and Teju got their mother , I want you also to be with your family .Please be a part of my family and move in with us .."
Purvio looks very surprised but Sulochna has a smile on her face .