Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th September 2012 Written Update  Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th September 2012 Written Update  Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th September 2012 Written Update  Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th September 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.
Part 1

RK is sitting on a sofa in his room watching video and and says. . that tonites nite is about Madhus happiness and says cheers and starts to drink! Radha comes in his room! Radha tells him that .. making a mockery of anyone should never be a reason to celebrate..! She says that whatever be the reason. the .relation here is of hubby-wifey.. whose limist should not be crossed.. ! She asks him how dare he crossed the limit? She asks him how he can be so mannerless?! RK gets up with a start and Radha says she tolerated everything till now ..coz she thot she was the reason for it all.. but what about Madhu.. what wound has she given him? Why he is leaving no stone unturned to ruin her? Only that she married save her fathers life.. or that she threw away all the drinks for the sake of his health or that she dares to stand upto him always?? She asks RK...what is Madhus mistake in this? RK drinks and slams the glass and is walking out when Radha screams out and says one minute...! She tells him that her talk is not complete... n calls RK as Rishabh Mohan Kundra! Radha says that even now he has retained his beautiful relation with his father.. but coz of his deeds he is ruining his fathers name.. insulting his blood..! Radha says that she used to feel sad that Mohan was not with RK but now she is happy he is not there or seeing him like this.. behaving the way he does with other women and his own wife.. he would have committed suicide and all coz of RK and his deeds! Radha says.. Mohan would have died everyday seeing RKs deeds! RK screams.. Bittu ji..! Bittu comes running! RK tells Bittu to take Radha away.. immediately! Radha says ...she will go but before that.. he has to apologise to Madhu for his deeds! RK tells Bittu to take Radha away! Radha says.. he is being called an animal and that.. its so painful for a mom to haer taht she has reared an animal in her womb for 9 months! She tells him to go and apolgise to Madhu for sake of humanity! RK fumes! He breaks the glasses on the floor! 

Madhu is sitting on the floor in her room and crying recollecting the insult in the party and the Kiss thing! RK sitting on his fathers rocking chair is recollecting all the happenings esp about the KISS! RK recollects Radhas words.. esp about his father..! He grinds his teeth and walks into Madhus room! RK calls out Madhus anme and a servant says.. she is in her room and RK says..she is not in her room! He calls Madhu on her cell but the cell is ringing in her room! 

At the hosp, Roma is offering meds to Shammo.. and Shammo refuses and says..he does not want to get better! Paddo comes as well and asks him to eat and gives example of Madhu-Trish life in danger and RK bailing them out with his money! Paddo tells Shammo to keep himself in Madhus place and how even he would have done what Madhu did.. for the sake of her loved ones! Paddo asks Shammo to try and understand Madhus compulsions! Shammo relents n takes meds!

Madhu is walking in the rains and has reached the chawl! She looks at her home and cries.. recollecting the happy memories of the past! She calls out Mom .. and runs towards her house but stops midway recollecting Trish's taunts to her about Madhu being reason for Shammos condition, Paddo-Shammos insult and how without Madhu their life would have been better ! BG - Chan se jo toote koi sapna! She recollects the party insult again! Madhu is walking on the road in the rain! RK reaches the chawl and Bittu calls and says that Madhu is not in the hosp..! RK comes to Paddos home and asks for Madhu.. Paddo is worried and asks where is Madhu and that she wont spare RK if anything happened to her! Madhu is still walking on the street..! Security guy at the studio sees Madhu ..! Tries to call out to her but she does not listen! Madhu enters a set where wirings are almost about to catch fire coz of short circuit! Security guy calls Bittu! Madhu is on the bridge in the set and a lose wire has caught fire... ! 

Part 2

Madhu is walking on the bridge and slips and her feet is in the water! She is holding the iron railing of the bridge and trying to bring herself up just as the electric wire is about to fall in the water!

Part 3

Madhu is still dangling and recollects her chant -- Hauslo se veer hun..! Just as Madhu is about to get up RK comes and holds her hand and tells her to come with him but Madhu asks him to leave! RK notices the lose wire and helps Madhu to get up...!

Precap --- RK lifts Madhu in his arm and Madhu hits him.. ! She pushes him away and asks.. him how dare he..! The spark starts and RK covers her.. n bg- Bas haq hai ek mera..! Madhu looks at the wire.. all shocked and so does RK!