Kairi Rishta Khatta Meetha 27th September 2012 Watch Written Update   Kairi Rishta Khatta Meetha 27th September 2012 Watch Written Update   Kairi Rishta Khatta Meetha 27th September 2012 Watch Written Update   Kairi Rishta Khatta Meetha 27th September 2012 Watch Written Update

Full Episode.
Suman is serving breakfast for anuj, anuj says that the food is very spicy. Suman says that he likes spicy foods thats why she did so, Mami says that he might have got some would in his mouth so only he his having less spicy food. Anuj gets up for washing hand and suman sees his wound (which happened when he was putting off ambi's saree fire) and brings medicine for that. Suman puts the medicine but anuj stopps it and tries to put it himself but suman stops and put it by her hand. Mamiji asks suman to make him take rest and then go out with him to get the things necessary for pooja. Anuj asks what pooja and mamiji says that as he came back without any problem so its for sying thank you to god. Suman also forces him to go to temple on the way and anuj accepts it. Vibha comes to ambi's room and says that she wants to talk something important to her. Ambi asks if there is any problem with any person in the house hold vibha says that she does not have any problem with any one but with sanjay ji. He is not attending her calls nor calling her back. Ambi asks her what is the problem between the two when vibha says everything that happened when she went to give him his ring. Ambi listen to her and says that by blackmailing her about the relationship sanjay had made his work but after that he is trying to break the relationship.. She will teach him and his family a good leasson and asks vibha to come with her. Vibha asks her not to but ambi says that she has given herself to him just because he blackmailed her and she was scared to break of relation, people cant take everything to granted so she will make them understand the truth and leaves with vibha. Anuj and suman goes to market (kalavathi also came to the sme market) where she goes to a bangles shop but anuj shows no interest so she goes to get pooja items when she bumps on a stone and about to fall who is catched by anuj. Kalavathi hears the voice and turns but they both move before she could see. Anuj, Suman and mamiji goes to temple where kalavathi comes. Anuj sees her and tries to hide from her.

Anuj tries to hide before kalavathi could see but is spotted by her. She thinks why is anuj here with someother girl and asks him to stop for prasad. Kalavathi asks why he is here and who that girl is when mamiji replies that she is her nephew and wife of abhay. Anuj says that she is his neighbour and kalavathi says that he didnt inform about his marriage what he could do if their family members are so strict??? and when he comes home he should get blessings from her. Kalavathi gets out of temple and says to herself that imarti has told so much about her daughter now she will give answer to every word to her.

Vibha goes to sanjays house who asks her what she is doing there, Ambi comes there and says that she has already came there and you called her to come all alone and now why he is asking so? Ambi asks if they can come in, and after they enter ambi asks sanjay to call his parents and sanjay says that they have gone out so whatever they want tell him itself. Ambi says that whatever happened between you both vibha had told everything to her and now there is no time for explanation. Ambi asks sanjay to talk to his mother and fix a date before itself as they cant wait for so much days. Sanjay says that he tried to talk but his mother is in no mood to listen. Ambi says that its his responsibily to marry vibha as soon as possible else face consequences.Anuj tries to call ambi but sajini attends the call and says that ambi has gone out so only she attended the call. Let her know what message to inform to her then she would inform when ambi returns. Anuj asks sajini to inform ambi to call her when she comes back and sajini says that when ambi returns she would inform ambi to call him. Anuj turns and sees suman there.


Kalavathi is saying to imarti that she told bad about her daughter but now her son is having another wife in another city. He is just like his father who betrayed his mother, he is betraying his own wife. Imarti is shocked.