Balika Vadhu 18th September 2012 Written Update  Balika Vadhu 18th September 2012 Written Update  Balika Vadhu 18th September 2012 Written Update  Balika Vadhu 18th September 2012 Written Update

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Anandi reiterates that she cannot forgive him for what he has done, and how he insulted her mother's death by showing up to do some voodoo. Singh's arrive at that moment and are shocked to hear this. Anandi continues that JB is asking forgiveness as though he wants to snatch it, he does not respect anybody, so he will not be forgiven. She turns around and is shocked to see her family. Everyone enter the temple. JB starts his sob story with DS that Anandi is not forgiving him and she should convince her. As her ex-husband, he has a right to ask Anandi's forgiveness. DS is super irritated to hear this and slaps him. Bhairav tells JB that he will never change, his attitude and selfishness is very evident in his words, he will never be forgiven and neither will Anandi do that ever. JB stares at everyone and walks off angrily.

At the circuit house, Shivu's arrives and Irawati tells him CM has gone to meet Anandi. The rest of them tease him a little bit. DJ suggests that Shivu should give Anandi red roses. Just then CM enters and says Anandi does not deserve it. She tells everyone she went to meet Anandi after learning of JB's arrival in Jetsar. She is mighty upset about this and doesn't trust Anandi's promise to not let her past affect her future with Shivu. Everyone tries to convince her, but in vain. She suggests that they should call Anandi and tell her point blank that she should not keep any contact with JB. Everyone else feels this is not a big deal, but CM is adamant

Shivu tells CM that he doesn't care if Anandi wants to keep in touch with JB, it is solely Anandi's decision and he will support her no matter what. CM is upset to hear this and feels he may regret his decision later and walks off. Just then Anandi calls Shivu and asks him to meet her immediately. Shivu leaves. 

Alok goes to meet CM and tries to convince CM that Anandi is a nice girl and will not hurt Shivu. CM still doesn't look convinced and says she hopes she is wrong about Anandi.

Precap : Anandi and Shivu sitting in a barn while it is raining outside. Shivu places his hands on Anandi's to console her. JB watches this secretely and is pissed off and same precap as yesterday, declaring he will avenge his loss (yeah right, khud ko sambhal pehle bevda kahika...all words, no action!)