Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th August 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.
Part 1

Nidhi tells Ashu to allocate the Childrens ward to her as she loves kids.. and Ashu goes a bit quiet..! Ashu says he knows! Ashu turns to walk away but Nidhi stops him and says that every time if Ashu reacts like this when the word kid is mentioned she will feel too guilty! She says that they had decided not to talk about it till she is ready to have a kid? Ashu says what to do... even tho he is trying hard.. his hearts desire is reflected on his face! Nidhi puts her hand on Ashus heart n tells Ashu to talk about his hearts desire.. to talk about his feelings..! Ashu says that there is no use..Nidhi wont understand and removes her hand from his!

Ashu goes and sits on the sofa and sulks! Nidhi sits by his side and says that she knows that Ashu has shared that he has certain dark corners.. certain closed doors which he doesnt want to open for anyone.. not even for Nidhi! She says that many times she feels that tho she is with him. .he is too far away! Nidhi says that she is by his side but he is still lonely.. ! She says that she feels strange that two people who are in love .. who are so close.. are still so far from each other! She says that.. Ashu is lost in his world and Nidhi is worried about where he is lost! Ashu says that its enouf that she understands this much! Ashu says that he is compelled.. .. he thot after Nidhi came.. his loneliness is gone but he forgot that.. loneliness doesnt go away.. it waits for right time and strikes back! Ashu says that the loneliness takes him away from her too! Nidhi is in tears! She tries to console him and asks him to come to bed! Ashu asks her to go ahead and that he will follow! Nidhi says please but Ashu asks her to go ahead and says please! Nidhi unwillingly goes to bed but turns and looks at Ashu who is teary eyed..! Nidhi stands by the side of the bed shedding a tear.. as Ashu too sheds a tear.. ! 

On the other side.. Mallu is standing by the side of a window.. and is lost in thots.. [BG- Khali haath shaam aayi hai...] She is sad as well..!She is lying on a hosp bed and recollects Ashus slap and his words ... to get lost! Mallu self thot that.. whatever she did was wrong.. but it was for Ashu. .n hopes that Ashu will forgive her someday!

Nidhi rings DB and is quiet.. and DB asks the matter? Nidhi says she was not able to sleep .. DB asks if Ashu is asleep? Nidhi says yes.. n DB says that then why is she not sleepy after working whole day? DB says that if either of the hubby-wiifey is awake.. it means something is wrong in the relation! Nidhi asks DB to go to sleep as she is sleepy! DB says that lying doesnt help.. n asks her to recognize the dangers before they strike on the door of her house! Nidhi cuts the call saying GN! Nidhi tells Kaka to let her make something special as its first day of her internship! Nidhi is pealing potatoes.. and Ashu comes and stand behind her and asks if she reminds its her first day for internship ..! Nidhi say syes n so making something special..! Ashu sulks.. and Nidhi asks if he is upset abotu something .. or is rueing bout giving her two years? Ashu says that he wants thinking such.. since 2 yers isnt big deal..w ill pass in a while! BB comes and asks what opeartion is on? HKs paratha? Nidhi agrees n says..yes they trying to detect if aloo is more or less and BB

CB wishes Nidhi luck on the phone nd tells DB .. happily! DB says its nothign to b happy about.. its work only.. n she has to be in hosp only whole day! CB says that DB shouldnt worry.. as Ashu has consented! DB says hubby-wifey shouldnt work at one place.. it can create issues.. and many offices dun reccruite.. hubby0wifey together! CB says that.. since ashu is snr n nidhi jnr.. no chance of issues nad its a hosp! DB says she is not convinced! CB says its just her fear ..! 

In his cabin .. Ashu is lost in thots and Nidhi comes ...and fakes..she got hurt.. n Ashu asks what happened? Nidhi says.. nothing just trying to draw attention..! Ashu says sorry! Nidhi asks what he is thinking? Nidhi says.. bout Mallu? Ashu says yes.. and sks how she guessed? Nidhi say swives can smell it! Ashu says tht he is worrying for danger of jagan ..! Nidhi say sshe knows.. nd that its natural to worry! Ashu asks whose file is it? Nidhi says hers.. where she is reco a ptient who cnt affort trtmt.. Ashu signs! Nidhi thanks him! DB comes to the hosp and Nidhi asks what she is doing there? DB says she has something to talk about! Nidhi asks her to wait.. ! DB is in the alley and waits for Nidhi .. She looks disturbed and anxious! A Doc comes and informs Mallu that her case is critical..coz of late pregnancy she has to take more care.. n suggests her to call someone close to take care of her! Mallu says .. many people are there btu no one close..! She says her bro-SIL are in aus..! the doc asks if no one is there here? Mallu says there are but she doesnt wanna bug them! Doc assures to discharge her soon! 

Part 2 

DB barges in the ward and tells Nidhi that she has no time to wait for Nidhi! She drags Nidhi out.. and Nidhi says that if DB wants to talk about the same thing .. she did previously.. Nidhi has no time to listen to her either! DB says that Nidhi has to listen before its too late?? Ndihi asks DB what she wants n if she wants Nidhi to quit? DB sys.. yes.. and says that Nidhis job is a danger to her relation! Nidhi tells DB that she rather come with her to Ashus cabin! Ndihi brings DB to Ashus cabin and Ashu is surprised seeing DB! He asks if all is well? DB says..she is fine but AshNi r not fine! Ashu asks the matter? Nidhi tells Ashu to tell DB that he has given her 2 years for her career..! Ashu agrees and says that they have jointly decided that Nidhi can do whatever she wants for her career for 2 years n then they both will decide on the matter of kid! Nidhi asks DB if she is fine n says that now she can leave n walks out! Ashu asks DB to sit.. but DB refuses..! He offers her water..tea..! DB asks Ashu to reply truthfully if he gave Nidhi 2 years willingly?? Ashu goes quiet!

Part 3

Ashu says that it was for Nidhis happiness! DB asks him about his happiness? Asjhu says tht after wedding Hubby-wifey happiness is seen not indivuidual! DB says that Nidhi din value his sacrifice! DB days.. compromise can never make anyone happy! Ashu falls silent!

Precap -- The Doc tells Mallu that her pregnancy is in 8th stage and it is at critical stage since its late! She says that someone is needed by Mallus side and that Mallu alone wont be able to manage! Ashu overhears the convo!