Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum 8th August 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.
Episode starts with Sanyukta pleading Nikhilesh not to force her to take part in the wedding preparations. She leaves. Aniket enters the shop. Nikhilesh tells him not to worry as soon all the derailed trains will be right back on track. Aniket asks Nikhilesh who will do the "haldi" ritual for him? As this ritual is only done by the mothers of the groom. Nikhilesh tells him not to worry as everything will be soon alright. 

Next scene, Sanyukta and Sushila are talking about something in the kitchen when some people come rushing. They start acting very busy and starts pushing and arranging things. Sanyukta and Sushila both are stunned. When Sanyukta asks them what is happening, the man-in-charge tells that they have brought the food for the party. They have already made it. But before serving they have to heat it. 

When the men are very busy, a bowl full of salt drops on the prepared curry. They don't notice it. But Sushila becomes worried. She asks Sanyukta what to do. But Sanyukta tells its not their headache so they shouldn't bother about it. She goes out to get ready. 

Here, Binoy enters the kitchen. He yells why the turmeric paste is not yet ready. He himself goes to the mixing machine. Sushila tells him the machine is not functioning properly. After the cook comes, she will tell him to make turmeric paste. But Binoy doesn't listen to her and switches on the machine. All the turmeric powder flies off and falls on him. (He forgot to close the lid) LOL

Sushila comes runninng. She tells him to go and clean himself. She will take care of the paste. Binoy goes. 

In Tejal's home, Lalita ben is watering the plants. Gulabchand comes and tells her that they should get ready for leaving to MM. Lalita ben is a bit worried. She tells although Nikoy are trying hard to make the wedding possible, but still the Mazumdar family members are against the marriage. Gulabchand says they should think positive and keep on supporting Nikoy. 

In MM, the hall is beautifully decorated. In kitchen, Sushila has made the turmeric paste. She hands it over to the cook and tells him to give it to Binoy. After he leaves, she thinks to herself, that although unknowingly, but she has managed to take care of Aniket's haldi ceremony. She smiles to herself. 

Here, in the entrance, Nikhilesh and Baa are welcoming the guests. Nikhilesh asks baa how is the decoration and arrangements. Baa smiles and tells "No comments" Wink Nikhilesh laughs and asks her although she'll not comment, but she can try to compliment. Baa laughs and tells the hall is looking very beautiful. She tells Nikhilesh to back off from all the quarrels and stuff. Its not his age to break iron. Nikilesh laughs and says that even its not his age to fight with wife. but he is still doing it. They both laugh.

Next scene, Shaswat and Foram are looking over the decorations from the balcony. Shaswat criticizes that anyone can call a proffesional and decorate the hall. Its no big deal. But he thinks that his father and brother are going to play a game for managing Sanyukta so that she takes part in the ceremony. He says he'll have a careful watch. Suddenly, he notices Foram's clothes. She is full ready. He asks her why she got ready for the party. she tells Sanyukta has told her to get ready. Shaswat panics. LOL

He runs to Sanyukta's room and sees that Sanyukta is ready for the party and is applying make-up. He shouts at her that why she is taking part in the wedding. What will happen to their side of people who were against the marriage. Sanyukta tells him to relax and tells that she is going to attend another function. Their NGO is holding a mass marriage. So she need to be present there. She is also taking Foram with her. Shaswat relaxed on hearing this.

Nikhilesh enters the room. He compliments Sanyukta and says she is looking very beautiful. All set to attend the function. Sanyukta doesn't pay an ear to him and moves out. Foram follows her. Nikhilesh asks Shaswat if he is enjoying the game and smiles. Shaswat stares at him with suspicious eyes. LOL

Nikhilesh calls up Lalita ben and tells them to come. 

In the party hall downstairs, Koushika (Jignesh's mom) shouts and tell the waiters to serve her food. She takes the food plate and starts to eat. Sanyukta stops her. Koushika tells she knows its not eating time but she have to take medicine. So she is eating. Sushila tells that is not the matter. Why she is eating the curry (the one with salt)? Koushika doesn't understand and feeds on the chappati and curry. She praises and tells the food is very tasty. Sushila is confused and asks her how can she tell sthe curry is tasty? Koushika feeds Sushila one bite. Sushila eats and is surprised. She stares at the waiters with question in her eyes. The waiter tells that Sanyukta has helped them. It all happened because of her. 

Sanyukta comes downstairs. Sushila asks her if she has helped them to correct the salted curry. Sanyukta tells she made some extra curry without salt and mixed it with the previous one. So it got balanced. When Sushila asks why she did that, She tells that although they are not a part of the function, but still the party is associated with the Mazumdar clan. So how can she waste the name of the Mazumdars.. Clap Clap

As they talk, suddenly a loud noise comes. The sounds are of drums. They go to look at the matter and sees Tejal entering through the entrance accompanied by a lot of people and drum beaters.

Sushila's sisters goes and starts dancing at the entrance. Shaswat is surprised and asks why they came here. Nikhilesh answers them that he has called them. As Aniket's "haldi" is already happening, they also thought to arrange Tejal's "haldi" together with him. 

Sanyukta spots Aniket and Binoy coming down the stairs. Aniket is wearing a white kurta (Aww he is looking damn handsome). Sanyukta stares at him with love and confusion in her eyes. He comes down and touches her feet. She blesses him after waiting a few seconds. 

Tejal enters MM. She takes blessings from Baa, Nikhilesh. He tells her to go and take the blessings of other elders. She goes inside. As she bends to touch Sanyukta's feet, Shaswat drags Sanyukta away. Tejal is still bending. After Sanyukta moves away, she touches the place where Sanyukta stood and rubs the dust on her head. Sanyukta watches this. 

Anijal are standing side by side. Aniket asks Tejal if she is scared. Tejal tells she is. The she asks Aniket if he is scared. He also tells he is scared a bit. Tongue

Someone shouts to bring a stool for Aniket to sit. Sushila's sister runs and brings a big wooden stool. Sushila Sanyukta Foram, all are just staring and doesn't know what to do. Aniket sits on the stool. Koushika asks Aniket if he is going to apply turmeric paste with his kurta on. Aniket doesn't understand. Binoy tells him to remove his kurta. He removes.

Sushila abuses Premli for bringing such a big stool for Aniket to sit. She tells her that a small stool is kept at the room. She asks Premli to brng that. Mridula ben scolds Sushila telling why she doesn't fetch the small stool herself. Sushila stands with an adamant face and does not move. All people starts laughing. Foram is unhappy seeing everyone laughing. She tells she'll bring the stool. Sanyukta is startled. Episode freezes on her.

Precap: no precap