Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2012 Written Update

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so the scene starts were roli and siddhant hug each other after that emotional talk!roli realizes that she is too near siddhantso she kind of moves her head!siddhant looks up!he opens up his hand!roli moves away!siddhant is kind of pissed off roli says siddhantji!siddhant makes a dissatisfied face yaar who the hell breaks open rom such a sweet romantic hug!sighh!moving on!roli says siddhant ji this house is really beautiful!siddhant gives her a look!roli says lets go and make our beautiful house even more beautiful! siddhant smiles!siddhants says ok lets gooo!lets start from there!scene starts from were roli and simar parents asks mataji wht did roli did that they throw roli out of the house!simar then walks down the stairs and confesses that she was the one who throw them out in the middle of the night yesterday!rolis father speaks out why did u do this after all wht did roli do?that u have given her such a huge punishment and after doing that have u ever one thought abt!have u ever once thought abt that roli is your younger sister!simar starts to become all anxious and nervous at this point!rolis mother speaks out simar i still cant believe that u have thrown roli out of the house!god knows were is my daughter right now!in what condition she will be in right now!and u knw very well right that how much childishness she has in herself right now!but even after that u still!prem speaks out papa u guyzz dnt worry roli will be fine siddhant is with her she is not alone right now!and right now they are staying at one of his friends house!rolis father says ok if that is true thn plzz let me talk with them on phone prem says ok!and then they go to the phone to talk with roli and siddhant!prem calls out to his friends house!sujati says i cant understand how did they got to knw abt it!who told them all this!simar snears at khushi!khushi sees that inside her brain she is thinking that she has to tell them after all if not simar will tell them the truth!khushi goes up in front of them and confesses that she was the one who told them abt roli!everybody looks at khushi!mataji says khushi wht the hell happened to your common sense!even after knowing all abt this how the hell could u make a big mistake like that mausiji says jeeje was it mistake or did she do that purposely !khushi with her fake poker face acted all innocent and said that she said all of this becoz of roli!she said that she thought that if her parents gets to knw abt this then they will take them to their house!guess wht mataji believed her fake lies!simar made a frowned face during khushis whole bloody melodrama acting!khushi says i did not knew that it would will become such big deal!prem on the phone speaks out whattt!!how can that be possible!and he cuts the phone!he says to himself they have not yet reached that place!rolis father speaks out what!everbody looks at them!everybody is higly shocked and worried at this point!everybody comes near them!mataji asks wht happened prem?prem says i have just now called siddhants friends house and they said siddhant and roli have not reached their house!everybody gets highly shocked!siddhant father says what?rolis mother cries up and says god knows were will be my daughter right now!simar goes up to her mother says!mom plzz calm down!mataji says if they have not gone there thn were did they go?!
siddhant wears off a scarf around his head!the scene changes to their house!every thing is covered in dirty white sheets!siddhant was abt to remove the sheets off the window when he notices roli!roli was abt to remove the sheets off another furniture whn siddhant comes up to her and pats on her back!he points out with his fingers by showing 1 minute!and thn he pulls off the sheets and brushes out all the dusts off!dusts spreads all over!this point lol!roli makes an angry face at siddhant!siddhant makes a helpless face!both roli and siddhant sneezes out at this point!roli makes angry face at siddhant once again!siddhant shows out his peace sign once again!roli thn goes on to move sheets out off other furniture siddhant comes to help her but she says no with her fingers!siddhants says ok and that he surrenders with his fingers!roli thn shows off with her gestures to look and see how to remove off the sheets!and thn she silently removes the sheets!siddhant shows well done with his hand gestures!roli smiles and put the sheets on his hand!and thn makes him go!and thn the scene changes roli goes off to move the sheets off another furniture she sees a snake she screams out but u ccant hear the scream becoz of back ground music and runs off to siddhant!she shows siddhant the snake!siddhant makes his funny scared face!and thn he assures roli and goes to that snake!he smiles!and says his prayers!and sees the snake!he becomes scared!he smiles back at roli!roli is scared!siddhant sees the snake again looks at roli!he winks and takes the snake out!he makes his funny face!throws the snake at roli!roli gets scared and throws off the snake!siddhant smiles!siddhant throws off the sheet!roli and siddhant thn both removes off the sheets of the windows!roli tries to remove off the furniture!siddhant goes to her and sits near the furniture and makes a patient face!roli thnn moves away siddhant tries to push it off but he cant roli sees that and she presses on siddhants shoulder!siddhant sees back at roli and smiles!roli smiles!they remove the furniture!now its time for sweeping!roli throws off the jharu at siddhant!siddhant thn spells out rolis name on the floor!roli sees that!and brushes off the dust!siddhant makes a angry face!siddhant thn takes the jharu near her face!roli makes a furious face and points the jharu at him!and thus starts their jharu fights!and off course roli wins the fight!scene changes to painting scene were roli puts paint on the wall roli thn starts thinking abt simar!she is missing her sister!siddhant sees that and thinks off a prank!he takes some paint out off the brush and throws a speck out at rolis nose!roli notices that!she removes off the paint and makes an angry face!siddhant smiles!siddhant hangs upside down from the stairs!stares at roli!roli is clearly mad at him!siddhant smiles and puts paint on her face!roli warns siddhant with her fingers!but who can stop siddhant!he aain puts paint on rolis other cheek!roli is shocked!she makes a super angry face!siddhant shows off the mirror to her!roli was amused by it!siddhat was laughing out at that point!roli shows with her hand gestures to close off his eyes!he did and thn roli makes a big tikka on his forehead and big mustache on his face just like gabber singh!and thn poins out the mirror to him!siddhant laughs out seeing his face in the mirror!both of them laugh!siddhant thn takes the brush out of the paint makes a funny face at roli!roli gets scared and closes off her eyes!siddhant hn takes the brush as if he would hit the brush on her and thn paints the wall with a smiley face! siddhant thn slightly nudges rolis nose roli thn slowly opens up her eyes to see the smiley face on the wall!siddhant thn makes out a smiley face!he wants roli to smile!awww!roli sees that and she smiles!and they do their little hand thingy!
scene changes rolis mother is scared she says that she is getting really scared right now!this is a really big city!god knows where they are roaming around right now!plzz do something dear she says to rolis father!simar says to her mom dnt worry nothing wrong happened to roli!plzzz stop worrying!mataji says plzz dnt be soo scared right now!siddhant is with roli right now!rolis father says mataji we just cant stay like these right!and thn he says to his wife lets go and search for them!and they decide to search each and everyone of siddhant friends house!khushi thn with her eyes point out to sankalp to go with them!simar also wants to go with them but sujata dosent let he go as she is pregnant and all!
scene switches to roli and siddhant they have tidied up their house!everything is all at were it is!all neat and clean they thn sit re laxly on their furniture!roli looks at siddhant and says u see finally ur house has become pretty!siddhant thn looks at her with a stern face and says eyyy breaks out into smile and says not mine its ours!and they do their hand thingy!roli thn says hmm all we need right now are some stuffs to make this house complete!siddhant says like?roli starts out with her countless uttensils items!siddhant hears them out and he has dufficulties remembering all the items!roli speaks out the items in a fast speed!siddhant stops her and says okk plzz one minute ok!ok u can start now!siddhant makes his dumb founded face!roli notices that and looks at siddhant!she says have u understood!siddhant nods and says yes!i have!roli says yes oh ok thn tell me wht i have told u right now!siddhant thn says all the wrong stuffs!while roli corrects him off!roli thn stops him!siddhant says look there are lot of stuffs so one is bound to be confused nahh!roli says looking at ur condition i dnt think u will be able to buy half of the stuffs!siddhant says areey i can bring this stuff! if somebody helps me off!!roli says ok thn i will go with u!siddhants shouts out perfect thn lets go right now!roli understands that it was siddhants plan!siddhant says ok if u dnt want to go thn dnt go!roli says yes i am going!so roli and siddhant left but they forget their mb on the porch!
scene changes prem,sankalp and rolis parents are frantically searching for them but with no use!scene changes rolis parents and other come back to the house with their cars!everybody in the house are all anxious and nervous!
mataji says matarani plzz help them in search for roli and siddhant!everybody comes out of the house!siddhants father asks prem have u find abt roli and siddhants where about!mataji aska prem wht happened prem!plzz tell us!prem says mataji we tried finding them alot!we searched everywhere but we could not found them!sankalp father says out bhaiyshaab should we file a missing person complain to the police right now!mausiji shouts out his name!everybody is worried!rolis mom looks outside and sees roli and siddhant!guess wht their house is like in front of them! her mother speaks out roli everybody looks at her!her mother shouts out her name roli beta!roli looks back and sees her mom!siddhan sees them too!her father calls out her name roli!roli looks really happy to see her parents!her eyes are teared up!siddhant is shocked to see them!