Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July 2012 Written Update  Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July 2012 Written Update  Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July 2012 Written Update  Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July 2012 Written Update  Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July 2012 Written Update Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July 2012 Written Update

Full Episode.
Recap -- Mukkus mom tells Madhu that Mahurat is gone so no Sagai! Her hubby suggests to do it today.n so do the others ...n finally Mukkus mom relents! Bittu tells RK that he will ensure that the darkness of the nite gets even more darkened for Madhu! Roma asks all .. to see who is coming to illuminate the special nite n its RK and RK says..lets start the engagement and the lights come back!

Part 1

RK is shown walking staring at Madhu and he recollects Madhus words to him of punishing him! Madhu looks at Mukku and Mukku looks at Madhu! The pandit asks them to put the rings on! RK recollects his words that he din want the engagement at any cost! Mukkus mom looks on unhappily! Mukku puts ring on Madhu! RK looks on! Madhu puts the ring on Mukku n RK smirks! All shower flowers on the duo! Madhu-Mukku smile! Paddo-Shammo are elated and congratulate Mukkus parents! Madhu-Mukku seek the blessings of their elders! RK walks towards them and comes very close to Madhu n whispers CONGRATULATIONS .. Madhu is startled! He shakes Mukkus hand! All are taking Mukku-Madhu pics and Trish asks to let her click! Trish asks Madhu to go close to Mukku! Madhu asks Mukku if he is upset? He says yes! Madhu starts to explain reason for delay and Mukku says.. not for that but why does she look so beautiful and why she is sitting so far! Mukku puts his arm around Madhu and Madhu blushes and Trish cheers! Madhu looks at RK and RK gives a 'Looking good' symbol and passes a flying kiss to her! Madhu is embarassed! 

Shammo is distributing sweets and offers Bittu n he says.. have sugar! RK takes on his behalf! RK sees Mukku-Madhu chatting! Bittu looks on and says he is getting confused about what RK wants? RK says..he will ask himself the same question when he reaches home! Bittu says..let him remind that RK din want this engagement and it is happening and RK is happy! RK says he is not happy and shows Madhu smiling and says she is happy and when the marraige will break, she will cry just as much! RK says there wont be as much rain in this monsoon as much as tears that Madhu will shed! RK offers sweet to Bittu n he says..have sugar! RK eats the sweet! Madhu can feel his gaze on her! Mukkus mom is confused seeing RK smiling and comes to him and says..she thot he came to break the engagement but it happened! She offers him sweet and RK asks her to stop being so sarcy! He says.. not every egg becomes a chick.. some become omlette! He says..that sagai has happened but 'her would be daughter in law' wont become daughter in law! He says..let her be happy but when dreams break without getting fulfilled, the pain increases! 

Music starts 'Chalka re' and Trish is dancing! RKs eyes are on Madhu! Trish teases Mukku and Madhu while dancing! She makes Mukkus sis dance as well! She pulls Shammo-Paddo to dance but Paddo is shy! Mukkus mom calls out to Paddo as 'Mrs. Mallik' but she does not answer and she taunts if Paddo forgets her name at times? She tells Paddo that she forgot to welcome Mukkus mom to the filmy family! Mukkus mom taunts her about the dance and show and asks if they dance always? Paddo feels a bit bad! Roma is drinking and joins Trish to dance! Trish pulls RK as well and he does a lil side movement! Mukkus sis is dazed seeing RK so he twirls her! Trish pulls Madhu-Mukku to dance and they dance (the titanic pose) and then Mukku twirls Madhu and RK pushes Bittu towards Madhu which makes Madhu lose balance! Madhu falls in RKs arms! Everyone watches shocked! 

Part 2

RK helps Madhu stand up and says SORRY! Bittu says sorry to Madhu for spilling drink on her! Bittu runs after RK! Madhu goes to clean the drink spot from her saree and sees that the lights are not working! She takes a bit of water and starts to clean when she hears a knock on the door and a shadow coming close! Madhu thinks its Mukku and so she asks Mukku to leave as anyone can see and gossip and that she is coming out shortly! Madhu turns and RK lights the lighter and Madhu sees its RK! Both freeze! Someone clicks their pic! 

Part 3

RK stares at Madhu and Madhu is disturbed seeing RK! RK says that whenever he comes close to Madhu,she makes him feel like someone else! Madhu asks what? RK says its a dialogue from his film! Madhu asks RK what he is doing there? RK says.. he was passing by and saw her in darkness so thot to put some light in her life! Madhu says..she is perfectly fine! As Madhu starst to walk, her saree pallu is stuck in RKs watch! Madhu turns glaringly at RK and RK smirks at Madhu n shows his hand! Madhu calms down and stares at RK!

Precap -- RK is drinking at home and sings.. 'Chalka re' and Bittu is dancing! RK asks Bittu why he is dancing so much? Is Madhus job done? Bittu says Madhus job is done! RK sings.. 'Chalka re..baat na mani'!